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Working in a higher classification for 2 hours now triggers the higher rate be paid for the full day of employment. 

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Language added to provide additional pay and enhanced working conditions for certain types of specialized work involving aerial or in-water situations.

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Definition of a “suitable eating facility” is added to the Agreement. Gas stations, convenience stores, facilities with a single menu item or facilities without seating are clearly excluded as places where meals can be obtained/served.

Language added that clearly states that no employee shall be fired or disciplined for refusing to work in life-threatening unsafe conditions, or for reporting such situations.

Safety and harassment prevention training added.

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Mileage now paid when employee is required to use their vehicle during a work day between multiple locations within the 30 mile production zone ($.30/mile).

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Addition of a new Employer-paid hourly contribution to the IATSE Training Trust Fund to provide training for members around the country.

Call sheets now required to identify the name and phone number of the Employer’s safety contact and safety hotline.

Payroll deposit provisions added protecting employee wages.

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IRS rate achieved for mileage.

New holiday added – MLK Jr. Day

Paid Sick Leave nationwide.

Double time now paid after 12 hours worked on pilots and episodic productions except for pilot and first season of basic cable or CW, and low budget and mid-budget SVOD streaming series for local and nearby hires.

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